Hip Hop Artist King Kujo Set To Debut New Music EP Featuring New Single “Keep Movin'”

(July 15, 2014) Rapper King Kujo has announced the release of a new music EP and music single entitled “Keep Movin” to be released soon in promotion of his upcoming music project “Da Name Speaks For Itzelf.”

The new music single Keep Movin’ will appear on a new EP coming soon and will be the third single released from his upcoming studio album Da Name Speaks For Itzelf (2015).

Keep Movin’ follows behind the debut single “Imma Dogg,” and current single now airing on various radio outlets, “Feelin’ Myself,” which both are now available on iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers.

King Kujo, a native of the Mississippi Delta, home to great blues musicians and dynamic hip hop artists such as David Banner and Big KRIT, says, in regards to his upcoming project, he has but one thing to say, “KRUNK AIN’T DEAD… GRRR!” and he “stamps and approves that message.”

Kujo is currently in the streets promoting and performing at various outlets in the Mid-South, with a scheduled performance at Live Music Showcase, a red carpet event set for July 27, 2014 at the newly re-opened Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown, Memphis TN, which is now located at 126 Beale Street, the same location of the new Memphis Music Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, the new EP and third music single “Keep Movin” by King Kujo, which comes off Kujo’s “Da Name Speaks For Itzelf,” doesn’t have an exact release date but is coming soon.

For more information on King Kujo, music, performance requests, and all other artist inquiries, contact: KingKujo2212@gmail.com or by phone: 662-422-6655.

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About King Kujo

Carlos Joiner, known by the stage name King Kujo, is a rapper born and raised in Sasse Apartment projects in Clarksdale, MS up until the age of 10 years-old and didn’t develop a passion for rapping until he was enlisted into the military at the age of 18. While serving duty in the military, Joiner met a group of other soldiers and a musical relationship formed and created what would be Grand 1 Entertainment.

From his time over in Iraq with his peers, that’s were Joiner gained the name “King” when fellow soldiers would say “Here comes King.” Joiner himself would later add on the surname Kujo.

After completing his second tour in Iraq, King Kujo gained a new level of seriousness for rapping and immediately started making rounds on the hip hop scene when he returned to the United States. Joiner would soon gain a thrill out of performing.

Having already learned from the military to “not be a fake” to anyone, Joiner began crafting his talent, showcasing and performing at open mics which led to him earning first place in the V107.9 Beat Tha Streetz Competition while placing third in the ThisIs50 Showcase in 2011.

Soon after, King Kujo developed and gained experience on a larger scale performing live for acts such as Lil Flip, Chalie Boy and others.

Now King Kujo is ready to take it to the next level of his career with the debut of a solo music release.